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Lori Bellman is an Independent, Medicare Health Broker based in NE Ohio.

Lori has established a reputation as a valuable resource in the community by assisting people navigate the complexities of Medicare through her FREE

Medicare Presentations and Medicare 101 Dinners for those who are nearing

age 65.

Whether you will be retiring at 65, or continuing to work after, these

presentations are designed to help guide you and answer questions and help

you understand Medicare. A few of the topics discussed are: What is Medicare,

Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D, explained, the difference in how Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (MediGap) plans work, the enrollment timeline, and how to enroll.

"Many people I speak with are often unaware that my services are offered

at no cost to them. With all the commercials, never-ending phone calls,

and sifting through piles of Medicare material received in the mail, more

and more people are reaching out for direct answers and want to speak

with someone local who can meet with them face to face. It is very

gratifying when my clients tell me that I was able to really break down

Medicare in a way that was easy to understand.” 

- Lori Bellman, Bellman & Associates, LLC

With a passion for providing her clients exceptional service during the Medicare review and plan enrollment, Lori prides herself on the value of service to her

clients AFTER assisting them with plan selection and enrollment. In fact, Lori’s clients assert that is when having her answer questions and support is most helpful!

If you are already on Medicare, still have questions, want to review your

options or simply schedule a free Medicare appointment with Lori, you may

do so via this link: CLICK HERE

Lori’s professional Broker services are always free to clients and she is

currently available for support and service in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, New Mexico, and Georgia.


My Broker services are always complimentary.
Contact me to discuss your retirement health care needs.




Lori Bellmen
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5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating

What Clients Say

"As Clinical Director of Operations for an Ohio Health Partner, I have spent my career communicating with and educating clients, patients, and their families on their best interests for their health, rehabilitation, and financial safety when it comes to healthcare. I have lately become advisor ad hoc for my 90-year-old mother, who has recently changed her Medicare plan. Lori has proven to be an asset in assisting my mother in her journey to switch plans to one that is more beneficial, allows and promotes medical decisions by clinicians and not algorithms, and has done so in an ethical and accountable way.


Lori has recorded all conversations with my mother, spent time to text me and speak with me (with my mother’s permission) to keep me updated, and facilitated communication with her client, the family, and the insurer. She has been transparent and accountable in all transactions, and her influence has been positive throughout the process."

 -- Jean

Bellman & Associates

1213 Rockside Rd Parma, OH 44134

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